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Our history begins in 2008. Always connected and attuned to world trends, we wanted to have products that were different from those that already existed on the market and that would make us enjoy the best of life. Thus, our first product launched was the Electric Skateboard! And he was a success, allowing the crowd to feel like Marty Mcfly himself in "Back to the future".

At that time, the brand was known as ?skatelé But there was still a lack of a more complete name, until Two Dogs came along. And why that name? Well, the dog represents our values. They are super loyal to their owners, and we are to our customers. Fun is its nature and it is our essence, it is in our DNA.

This way we started to generate new ideas, new products were born like electric scooters, hoverboards, bikes and so on! Always with the aim of thinking outside the box, doing things differently and being innovative. However, we have always been looking to the future and in addition to new products, our goal is to provide good moments for your life and with the best quality! Two Dogs thinks about sustainability and conscience, that's why all our products are powered by clean energy.

We believe that raising awareness is a cyclical process and we are constantly rethinking our work methodology, using communication to reinforce this message about the importance of caring for our planet.

But our journey doesn't end here, see? We still have a long way to go, or rather ride a bike, hoverboard, scooter, skate, long?

What do you think about coming with us?

Two Dogs – Cool Life Style

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ACT AS OWNERS: We bark as if the yard were ours

TEAM WORK: We believe that pack unity is fundamental

HAVE ETHICS AND RESPECT: We value and respect all members of the pack

DO NOT ACCOMMODATE: We are constantly sniffing out juicy bones

TRY TO KEEP A RELAXED ENVIRONMENT: We work having fun and we have fun working

FOCUS ON THE CUSTOMER: Total dedication to the best friend

CONTINUES SEARCH FOR QUALITY AND PROCESSES IMPROVEMENT: We have a relentless drive to improve our pack and kennel.


To be a reference in products and equipment for fun and gatherings with friends.


Be agile in identifying and adapting to market needs, providing quality products and service.

Fortify and create new partnerships with the goals of adding value to the brand.

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