Two Dogs Scooters are Awesome!

The TD-Monster Two Dogs Electric Scooter arrived in Brazil bringing more style and attitude, in addition to the 1600W 48v engine that offers more autonomy, power, performance and durability. An authentic OFF ROAD scooter!

Full Line
of folding bicycles

Practical, modern and stylish, the Pliage folding bike line fits anywhere. There are 3 amazing models, for you to choose the one that best suits your daily life. 

Real Customers

What do the guys think of us

Very good store, delivery was faster than expected and the product is of the highest quality, I highly recommend it, I bought a jacket but I hope one day to be able to buy one of the very brave vehicles hhaha, tmj

Ailton Ribeiro

Organized. Friendly staff, attentive to the customer's wishes regarding the product... Doubts are clarified on the spot and there is a test in drive demonstration of scooters or electric bikes...

Anderson Clay

Great products and excellent service. Scooters and electric bikes, hoverboards, skateboards and even slackline. The staff is attentive and the products are excellently finished.

André Luis Zeni

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    Latest Blogs

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