Pliage Electric Folding Bicycle


Two Dogs Pliage is:


Easy to store and transport! Pliage fits anywhere, from the trunk to the office.


Now the new Pliage model comes with several items included.


With its 350 W electrical kit, it's much easier to get where you want to go!


With a look that talks between modern and retro, you will be enchanted with its various colors!


As it is a folding bicycle, it fits anywhere, such as in the trunk of the car or in the corner of the office. Although compact, the saddle and handlebars are adaptable, you can adjust as you prefer!


With Pliage Two Dogs you don’t have to choose, as it has both accelerator and pedal assisted (It activates the engine as it needs power). In addition, it has a display showing the remaining battery charge.


With a unique design and a lot of practicality, the Electric Pliage Folding Bicycle makes getting around faster, cleaner and much cheaper. Go to school, work or everyday tasks without worrying about sweat or traffic.

The bike has a folding frame in carbon steel with locks, it takes you less than 1 minute to fold and unfold it. In addition, Pliage has a straight handlebar and handles with hand rest.

The rims are made of double aluminum foil, giving the model a lot of resistance and lightness. The front and rear disc brakes provide a lot of safety and precision when braking. Equipped with a 7-speed Shimano Rapid-Fire gearbox that allows quick and smooth shifts for beginners and bike experts, being able to pedal and accelerate, making it easier to climb and go much further.

The Pliage Electric Folding Bicycle may or may not be accompanied with our electric kit. With a waterproof motor, low noise and with an excellent torque, the battery is of excellent quality: 36v lithium which ensures an efficient delivery of energy, is very light and not addictive.

ATENÇÃO: A bicicleta adicionada do kit elétrico não é para utilização em vias públicas ou para acompanhar o trânsito de ruas. O Kit Elétrico não atende a resolução nº 465 de 27 de Novembro de 2013 do Contran (DOU de 13/12/2013 Nº 242, Secção 1, Pág 194), desta forma podendo ser solicitado por autoridades a carteira de habilitação do condutor e emplacamento da bicicleta para uso em vias públicas.

Imagens meramente ilustrativas – O produto final pode ter variação de cor e/ou acabamentos.

Frame: With carbon steel bending technology
Bending system: With safety locks
Freewheel: 7 speeds / thread – 14/28 teeth – Shimano
Rims: Aluminum 20 x 1.5 double wall
Handlebars: Straight 6061-T6 aluminum alloy
Headset: Oversized 11 / 8pols
Gauntlets: With hand rest
Seatpost: Super Oversize in 6061 aluminum, black
Saddle: Foam and synthetic leather comfort
Front hub: Carbon steel 28f, black
Rear hub: 28f steel, black
Tires: 20 “x 1.50”
Brakes: Disc on two wheels
Shift lever: Shimano, TX 50 with 7 speeds
Rear derailleur: Shimano TZ 50
Crank: Aluminum with double chain protection
Chain: TEC 116 links – 7 speeds
Crown: 52 teeth
Pedals: Foldable
Central movement: 5 pieces with shaft

Brake levers: Turn the engine off when the brakes are applied
Accelerator: Progressive handle
Battery: Type – 36v / 08Ah Lithium Bottle – Removable
Connection Cables: Complete
Charger: 110v / 220v – Bivolt
Maximum speed: 25 to 30 km / h
RPM: Approx. 200 revolutions per minute
Autonomy: Approx. 30Km in ideal conditions (may vary depending on calibration, wind, uphill and downhill, driver’s weight, engine acceleration)
Recharge Time: 6 to 8 Hours
Motor: Rear 36V 350W
Noise level: <55db

Weight: 16 kg
Open size: 155 x 116 x 53cm
Closed size: 88 x 66 x 45cm
Maximum distance from the center of the wheel axle to the handlebars: 87cm
Maximum distance from the center of the central movement to the saddle: 70cm
Free measure between the steering bar to the seatpost: 54cm


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