If you like speed and are a beginner in Longboard Down Hill Speed mode, the long Low Gravity is ideal for you. A skateboard with a recessed shape, produced in Canadian maple with non-slip sandpaper.

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The TwoDogs Low Gravity Longboard Skate is perfect for those who want to practice DownHill. With its Canadian maple wood shape and lowered model, which provides greater aerodynamics and support for the feet, allowing more control and stability on the skateboard. Furthermore, the bearing is ABEC-1 which offers more precision and speed for your adventure. Walk ahead, walk with TwoDogs! 

Longboard Low Gravity TD-LB200

Shape: 9 layers of Canadian Maple
Truck: ” UB – Aluminum 7
Wheel: 75x65mm PU – 85A Hardness ABEC-11 high speed chrome bearing
Design: Exclusive and with high-strength gloss varnish.
Indication for use: People up to 100kg and over 8 years of age.
Deck: Lowered 7cm from the floor.
Size: 104x12x28cm
Weight: 3.6kg
Sandpaper: non-slip
Two Dogs Warranty: 12 Months Against Manufacturing Defects

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