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See how to become a representative of the TwoDogs Brazil brand

For those looking for a great opportunity in the market for products for outdoor activities. TwoDogs, a growing brand in Brazil, is promoting how new partners can become brand representatives.

Working with commercial representation can be a promising career. Especially for those who want to work together with good companies.

How to Become a TwoDogs Representative

In addition to having a great affinity with the brand, TwoDogs representatives are always full of new products imported for their resellers and chain of stores.

One of the main advantages for brand representatives is the mark-up offered to retailers, which in the case of TwoDogs works with price policies with excellent revenues for its partners.

The brand also has a wide network of retailers throughout Brazil, and it is growing. The brand's authorized technical assistance units throughout the national territory also bring more confidence for representatives to trust the product and use it as a strong sales argument for new shopkeepers or end consumers.

TwoDogs was born in 2008 bringing unprecedented electric vehicles to Brazil, such as the Electric Skate and Electric Scooter.

At the beginning of its history, the Electric Skate project worked and gained popularity in Brazil, giving room for the brand's growth and the gain of a portfolio and partners.

Today there are more than 40 products between Hoverboards, Electric Skateboard, Electric Scooters, Skateboards, Longboards, StandUp Paddle and much more.


TwoDogs conquered the preference and outdoor activities of people of all ages in several places in Brazil. Today, the brand is a reference in electrical products in terms of design, safety, technical assistance, autonomy and others.

To be part of the official representation network of the TwoDogs brand in Brazil, it is necessary to access the area ?Become a TwoDogs Partner? in the website

A brief contact form must be completed by the interested party. The brand team will contact you to continue the process.

For those looking for a good opportunity in commercial representation, this is certainly a great option. It is worth checking.

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