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Trickline: Slackline's most dynamic mode

Trickline, Longline, Highline and Waterline are the four modalities of Slackline – all of which have in common the balance on a tape.

But each of them has specific characteristics. And today we're going to talk about Trickline, Slackline's most dynamic mode.


The name Trickline is a fusion of the terms trick (maneuvers) and line (tape). And that's exactly what it's about!

That's because the mode is certainly the most dynamic on Slackline. For this very reason, it ends up attracting athletes who practice other sports.

So, the bike, skate and surf people usually enjoy the trickline a lot!

Rise of Trickline

The sport emerged as a natural evolution of some athletes who, after learning to balance, decided to learn more. From there came the jumps and the most diverse maneuvers that make up the sport.



sport dissemination

In 2009, at one of the largest outdoor sports fairs in the world, the world's first international Slackline competition was held. There were Slackline greats like Andy Lewis, Momo Wiesse and many others.

This competition was also a milestone in the history of the sport.


Videos of athletes performing somersaults on a 5cm-wide ribbon spread across the world.

Seeing these videos on Youtube and other social networks, even more practitioners were conquered in several countries.

The modality in Brazil

Slackline got here fast. Inspired by the evolution of international athletes, Brazilian practitioners began to train. Places like the sands of Itacoatiara beach became the stage for these athletes.

It was also there that the first national Slackline competition took place!


From there, the sport spread throughout the country, including the organization of teams, federations and many competitions.

And it will spread more and more, driven by the passion of the athletes and the meteoric evolution of the maneuvers!

Evolution of Trickline

It is impressive if we look at the evolution of athletes and tricks in a relatively short period. In 2009, the butt bounce, the cheestbounce (slackline maneuvers) and 360º turns were novelties still being perfected.

This year, we live to see athletes hitting triple butt flips (three deadly turns and falling balanced on the tape). Combos of extreme physical and athletic difficulty are also made.


tricklineDo you want to become a trickline athlete too? Know that quality equipment is essential.

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