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Reset technique, how to dribble the crisis and succeed

What would you do if you needed to start over?

In the midst of a crisis, it's easy to get lost, aimlessly and not know what to do first. This disorientation, combined with the feeling of loss and fear, can lead to paralysis and even despair. But calm down, everything has a solution. 

That's why I, Marcos Fortuna, CEO of two dogs. I want to share with you a technique that I learned and experienced over several crises that I successfully faced and overcame. It's a simple technique that will make you look at your company or your conflicts from another angle, providing you with extra energy to make changes. An effective tool in the management of business, personal or even relationship crises.

In theory, the exercise consists of developing the ability to look at the problem from another angle, to observe what previously went unnoticed. Generating different solutions and becoming aware that the difficulties may be smaller than you imagine.

Over the years, I've come to realize that a key to success is resilience. In other words, the ability to return to a normal state and adapt to changes.

We, as human beings, instinctively run away from pain and seek comfort. This unconscious feeling can betray us in times of need, leading us to easily give up on what we have always struggled to achieve. Because we think it's impossible to solve.

So what should we do to not fall into this trap of the mind and escape from paralysis and despair? 

Hit the Reset Button

For several moments of crisis I used the technique I call Reset, the word often used in information technology that means: Action or act of erasing.

Reset basically consists of resetting the patterns you already know and changing the way of thinking in the face of the same situation. Observe the crisis from other perspectives, ask yourself in what other ways this problem can be solved and thus change your field of vision.

Repeat the following questions over and over again: What if I were starting today? With everything I already have in my hands and with all the tools I have? With all the knowledge acquired, with the networking and with my entire team, what would I do differently? And if this problem wasn't mine, what would my advice be? What would I do with all of this if I were starting today? 

If you ask and reflect on the possibilities and solutions, it makes your mind leave the comfort zone, experiencing distance from that problem.

Another important tip is to reflect deeply as if the problem were not yours. Imagine what other people in your circle would do in this situation. Possibly you will find the necessary solutions for most of the problems. And so, maybe you realize that your grass can be as green as your neighbor's.

This technique helped me and still helps me overcome obstacles, I hope it can help you too. 

Fortune Marks

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