Inflatable StandUp Paddle – Tips for Beginners!

Stand Up Paddle is a new sport that receives more fans every day. Created in Hawaii, it became a worldwide craze in a short time. A suitable definition could be a kind of surf with a bigger board and a paddle for commuting. One of its aspects is the Air Sup or Inflatable Stand Up, which gained fame among practitioners for being considered tasty, fun and practical.

How does the Air Sup or Inflatable Stand Up work?

It works in the same way as the traditional one, but because it is inflatable it is much easier to be transported in cars, motorcycles, buses, airports and elevators, allowing you to take it anywhere in your backpack.
Source: Instagram @yansondahl

Where can I try it?

There are already many places where it is possible to pay for the rental of the inflatable board, for periods of approximately 1 or 2 hours. Some clubs even teach beginners classes in lakes or ponds, but the good thing is that it's easy and doesn't require a lot of effort. To be able to use it, all you need is balance.

When is the best time?

For beginners, it is advisable days when the sun is not too strong, so the morning periods are more suitable. Windy days are also helpful as the strong wind can disrupt balance and concentration.

Is Air Sup good for your health?

Experts say that the Air Sup and the traditional Stand Up Paddle help tone the legs, stomach, upper limbs through paddling, improve posture and protect joints, not to mention that contact with water is a natural and relaxing relaxant. a powerful tool against stress.

What precautions should I take?

Wear a life jacket and enlist the help of a professional or someone who is used to practicing the sport. Always use sunscreen and, if the sun is too strong, wear a hat. Try to hydrate and eat well before practicing the sport, avoiding heavy or fatty foods.

Source: Instagram @yansondahl

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