Do you already know the Two Dogs Surf Simulator? You want purchase one, but still not sure of the advantages and how to use? Two Dogs explains everything about this “skateboard/surfboard” below.

since your creation in 1996, by Greg Falk and Neil Carver in California, it was developed for skateboarders, but it soon started to attract the attention of surfers. All because the Simulator allows the training of surfing maneuvers out of the sea, helping surfers to develop their skills faster.

THE difference of a Surf Simulator and a common Skate is in the most stable and safe axle system, and also in the swiveling front truck. This makes maneuvering easier and offers more accurate turns.

The proposal here is to have an experience different from the common skateboard, betting on maneuvers that abuse hairpin turns, and train surfing out of the sea.


If you want to practice the Surf Simulator, you need to check out some tips:

  1. O foot placement makes all the difference, since the Surf Simulator requires more balance. Your base foot should be centered and straight for the exit.
  2. After the start/row, fix your foot front diagonally. So you'll be able to direct the Simulator with greater ease, giving more weight to one of the sides.
  3. bend your knees. This to gain projection, speed and balance.
  4. use your arms pointing in your direction. You will gain balance and greater mobility. Use this in conjunction with your torso and legs. This way, moving your arms makes it easier to direct yourself.

Another tip is to tighten or loosen the truck bolt [see tutorial on here]. That way you can expand your movement.

The cool thing is to train and develop maneuvers of surfing on this unique skateboard. For example: cutback, beat, dip and layback are some of the cool moves to make.

Did you feel like taking waves on the asphalt? Check out our Surf Simulators at the store Two Dogs.

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