Yellow September is an awareness campaign on suicide prevention

According to CVV:

“In Brazil, it was created in 2015 by CVV (Center for the Valorization of Life), CFM (Federal Council of Medicine) and ABP (Brazilian Association of Psychiatry), with the proposal to associate color with the month that marks the World Day for Prevention of Suicide (September 10). The idea is to paint, illuminate and print yellow in the most diverse resolutions, ensuring more visibility to the cause.”

In Brazil every day 32 people commit suicide, in the world every 40 seconds a person takes his own life.

The challenge during this month is to remove from society the taboo of talking about the topic, encouraging the practice of awareness and also strengthening the sense that prevention is, above all, an educational process.

For yellow September 2019, Two Dogs gives you tips on how to deal with someone thinking about committing suicide and how to make others aware of this month.

start the conversation
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There is no right or wrong to talk about suicidal thoughts. It is important to pay full attention to this person at the time of the conversation and not interrupt or offer solutions, the important thing is to listen and not judge.

Avoid saying certain sentences
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If someone comes to you or gives you signs that they are thinking of suicide, it is important that they feel welcomed and supported. That's why it's important to avoid saying certain sentences

“Think positive”, “Your life is better than that of many people”, “Those who think about suicide have a weak mind” among other phrases can be triggers and even bad for those who need help. The judgmental tone pushes the person away, discouraging him from having another point of view about his life.

What can we as a society do?
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According to the WHO, governments can take various measures to prevent suicide, such as breaking the taboo and simply talking about it, as well as mental health.

Helping young people to develop skills to deal with the pressure of life in general, training health professionals to deal with this type of behavior, identifying and supporting people at risk are some measures that can be taken.

If you are in need of assistance, contact CVV at 188, they are open 24 hours a day and toll free.

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