If you are passionate about skateboarding, you know how promising and profitable this market can be.

After all, with a community full of adventurous users, this equipment is almost an indispensable item in their routines, which makes the demand for such a product to be increasingly high.

For this reason, investing in skateboard dealerships can be a strategy of interest to industry entrepreneurs and, more than that, an opportunity to become a successful retailer.

Want to know more about it? Check out this special content from Two Dogs, four advantages of this business and be surprised at how you can sell more and collect a good amount just by reselling these devices.

1. This activity generates good profits

if you want to be a shopkeeper and carry out the resale of skateboards, it is interesting to be aware of the costs and, mainly, the possible profits that this venture can yield.

For this, it is often interesting that you have a physical space, in an easily accessible area, with pedestrian traffic and close to your local skate park. However, in the “Digital Age”, this is not a limiting factor.

Therefore, your biggest monthly expense will be to maintain an adequate selection of stock, always ensuring that all the pieces you want can be found in your establishment and that your windows (whether virtual or not) have a variety of options for each skill level.

Furthermore, consider that your revenue will be generated through every sale you make and that your profits will be directly linked to this issue. So the interesting thing is to find methods to know how to sell more, whether offering your customers more than just the standard skateboard or even supporting the culture and all that it represents.

2. You will always have an excellent target audience

Keep in mind that your business will attract a very diverse base of customers who, while not professionals, may enjoy the activity. And, above all, consider this information, taking it very seriously to understand the profitability of this sale.

As is well known, skateboarding brings many benefits to the body, which makes many of its fans not only young people wanting fun, but also individuals who want to practice an exercise and found their passion on training wheels.

It improves body coordination, brings more flexibility, gives an upgrade in metabolism, reduces the fear of feeling pain, expands creativity and has proven to be very effective in the treatment of psychopathologies such as anxiety, depression and burnout syndrome.

Therefore, the number of users tends to grow considerably and for reasons that go beyond just the search for adventure. Therefore, your chances of maintaining constant and routine sales are almost certain, ensuring that, eventually, there will always be a buyer for your product.

Write it down in your calendar: each of these customers is critical to the survival of your business.

3. This market is constantly expanding

The global skateboard market was valued in 2018 at around US$ 1.9 billion and the growing demand for this activity among the younger generation tends to further boost the demand for products in this segment in different countries, including Brazil.

To get an idea, according to Statista, this world trade will raise US$ 2.4 billion in 2025, which indicates a growth of 26% in a few years.

Faced with a scenario like these, investing in a segment that is gradually gaining ground and generating billions of revenue is, without a doubt, a strategy that can bring many advantages to your monetary application.

It is also worth remembering that, according to the same survey, the estimate is that 2021 will bring a return of US$ 2.12 billion. So why wait any longer to be part of this sector? Start your plans right now!

Find a skateboard factory or wholesaler that can integrate your Purchasing Department and start your resale in a practical, simple way and with an impressive return.

4. Take a ride with the media

The increased awareness of skateboarding is a result of several competitions held, such as X Games and Street League, which led to an exorbitant growth in sales of this equipment. And believe me, it's not just the events that help to spread this culture around the world.

To give you an idea, the popularity was so great that the Summer Olympic Games, which would take place in 2020, already included this category among the many others that received the attention of the International Olympic Committee. And, of course, this media exposure will tend to further increase the furor around the theme when the tournament takes place.

Currently, the increasing inclination of consumers, especially teenagers, has happened even more by the presence of social media and by pop culture itself, which has helped considerably in an issue like this.

To give you an idea, in June 2020, singer Shakira declared her love for the practice and, since then, she has dragged a legion with her. In fact, the Colombian woman even performed like a good skateboarding in his video with the group Black Eyed Peas.

Can you imagine if both these artists' fan bases (who have, respectively, 69.3 million and 783 thousand followers) decide to join this idea? This is a unique opportunity for sales to pump even more and you can make your business successful.

Know where to buy wholesale

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