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Respect Tikinha – Interview with Daniel de Sousa

"Respect Tikinha"

Believing in the power of Pliage Alloy, our folding bike, we partnered with Daniel "Cavalo Doido" de Sousa, Audax athlete. He wanted to complete the 200 km of the Joinville-SC stage, with a different bike. And why not?

Check out the interview we did with him and find out how this adventure was:


#1. How was the experience of pedaling with Pliage, our folding bike?

Daniel: The most interesting thing was seeing people's reactions when they saw me arriving to pedal 200 km on an urban bike. They asked if I was going to play a monareta and I just replied with a confident smile: "Respect Tikinha" (his Pliage).

I had fun end to end with her. Depending on the mileage, braking, everything worked very well. She responds very well on climbs, much to my friends' sadness (laughs).

I trained a maximum of 50 km with her, just so I could go “towards the unknown”. I knew my ability and the bike, it was missing to see the performance together in long distance.


” A pleasant surprise, a super day!”

#2. Did the bicycle ever have any difficulties?

Daniel: The folding bike is designed for urban use and therefore does not have a gear ratio suitable for long distances, and most folding bikes do not even have gears. Two Dogs has the differential of having seven great ones, but for use within the city.

On the descents, many passed me, because I couldn't press more speed, because I was driving a 20 rim and had an urban gear ratio, but I ended up passing them on the climbs again.


I went with it original from the factory and the only modification made was to replace the pedals with a clip to pedal with sneakers.

For the Audax 300km, I intend to change the cassette with 14/28 teeth to an 11/34 and, with that, I believe it will turn into a rocket!

#3. What's the main difference you felt from her with a normal bike?

Daniel: I have two more bikes (MTB and SPEED). They are high-performance and, therefore, do not have a comfortable pedaling position.

Tikinha surprised me with comfort, thanks to the many adjustments that her handlebars have, and with that, it was the first Audax that concluded without any pain in the hands or neck.


#4. How was your biggest adventure on two wheels?

Daniel: Every adventure has something big!

One that I would easily repeat was a cycle trip made from Fussen, in Germany, to Venice, in Italy, passing through the entire Tyrol region. The Crossing of the Andes was also spectacular, going from Mendoza to Santiago, I also did a stretch of the Estrada Real.

As I said, each adventure has something very special, so much so that I can't even answer just one (laughs).


#5. What moment do you believe was the most important in your career?

Daniel: I don't have a career, I'm a cyclist with a passion for adventure and who enjoys long-term sports. Audax is a challenge where there is no placement, you have to pass the checkpoints within the allotted time and complete it in a limited time, being self-sufficient.

There are stages of 200, 300, 400, 600 and 1000 km and I've already managed to do them all according to the regulations.


People ask me what I get out of doing Audax, if it's not a competition, and I always answer:
"Personal satisfaction and friends for life are better than medals on the wall"

It doesn't matter if someone pedals harder than you or if you planned to do it in X time. If, at some point in the journey, you are stopped, everyone who passes will ask you if you need something. We are a big family!

We shared with cyclists that we've never seen in our lives the last sip of water from the caramanhola (hot you can even make chimarrão hahaha).

If having a successful career is having great friends and not trophies gathering dust on a shelf, yes, I have a very successful career!

#6. If you had the chance to participate in a championship that you didn't have the opportunity, what would it be?

Daniel: Like I said, I'm not a competitor. My only possible opponent in the Audax is myself!

I have to overcome the pains because they will arise, along with tiredness, sleep and other adversities that arise in this modality of cycling.



#7. What are your next steps for 2018?

Daniel: As Tikinha proved to be reliable and comfortable, I'm going to do the Audax 300km Floripa with her and, who knows, even other stages of the Audax Series.

I think doing 600 km would be an indescribable feeling for me. I have to do up to the 100km this year in order to be well qualified, on the waiting list, to do the 1200 km in France next year (Paris/Brest/Paris).


#8. And finally, would you recommend to your fellow cyclists and admirers of your work the experience with Pliage, the Two Dogs Folding Bike?

Daniel: I highly recommend it!


”A smile of pleasure is guaranteed at every role”


Several cyclists asked me and others I offered to take a ride with her. Some cyclists wanted to know more about Tikinha!

I recommend it so much that the initial idea was to do the 200km and then, perhaps, sell it under the same conditions acquired, because I live in a small apartment and have three bikes living with me!

I don't think I'll be selling my Two Dogs anymore. Tikinha has a place in my heart and I'm already planning the 300km with her.



Daniel: My supporters are my friends Tiago Mafra, Deise, Samuel, Jessica, Vanessa and Eliezer, who drive my car back when I do a long distance challenge.

I will always be grateful to my ex-girlfriend, Kátia, who supported me a lot when I started this journey!

And I cannot fail to thank the Two Dogs team, Marcos and, at the Two Dogs Store, Bruno, who made this great adventure possible on a small two-wheeler.


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