Check out the four ideal Brazilian cities for parachuting in the post below!

Skydiving is one of the most practiced and coveted extreme sports here in Brazil. The practice has become increasingly popular and more affordable.

But the question is: where to do it?

Boituva (SP)

Boituva is the reference city for parachuting. Located 116km from São Paulo, it concentrates one of the largest terrains in Brazil for parachute jumping. The city has several schools and courses for those who want to jump, from double jumping to solo.

João Pessoa (PB)

Feel like skydiving but are afraid the weather isn't right? In João Pessoa there is no bad weather. The capital of Paraíba is considered the city that has the best climatic conditions in the country to make the jump. Not to mention the view of the sea, which makes any leap unforgettable.

Towers (RS)

The city of Torres in Rio Grande do Sul is known for being a place that hosts several national sports events. For those starting skydiving, the place still has experienced athletes. Whoever is going to jump in Torres will enjoy a view of indescribable hills and beaches.

Rio de Janeiro - RJ)

The famous wonderful city also offers the opportunity to jump. We don't even need to mention the beaches and the look of those who decide to jump in Rio de Janeiro. For those who are going to enjoy a few days in the city, one of the best skydiving schools is in the Jacarepaguá neighborhood. There you will have excellent instructors and complete lessons on performing the jump.

Enjoy a butterflies in your stomach! Who is willing to jump? 🙂