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What are the Electric Scooter models?


Do you know which Electric Scooter models exist?
Two Dogs shows you!

After the emergence of applications for the use of electric transport in Brazil, the electric scooter it sure became a fever. Appearing as an alternative to individual transport, it is necessary to know that there are different models for different needs.

How do they work?

All electric scooters have a drums, which must be charged before and after use. The propulsion and speed of bench scooters are controlled by the grip on the handlebars and the new DROID line activated by a finger accelerator, dispensing with the ?rowing? movement.

Some models, which can even be considered scooters, have seats (which can be removed), providing greater comfort to the user and preventing him from standing on the scooter.

How to choose?

We know it can be difficult to decide which electric scooter to buy, so here are some tips:

For those who like more leisure, we recommend Droid models to travel shorter distances, as the battery of these models is lighter and has less autonomy.

As for longer trips, we recommend scooter scooters with a seat, they are a little bigger, but they give you the possibility of driving it sitting down, bringing greater comfort and the battery has a greater autonomy, providing a longer and more fun trip.


There are several types of electric scooters out there, from the most compact to OFF-ROAD.

The Droid Line is indicated for mobility within cities, it is perfect for daily activities and replaces other transport for shorter distances. It can reach up to 25 km/h and as it is foldable, its transport becomes more practical.

Andando no parque com Linha Droid
Droid line in the park

If you prefer a little more power and be able to cover longer distances, bench scooters are perfect for that!

the scooter 800W 36V it's a classic!

Being the most compact of our models, this scooter offers all the power you need on a daily basis. Reaching up to 35 km/h, under ideal conditions it gives you an autonomy of up to 1 hour and a half!

The models 1000W 36V, 1000W 48V and 1600W are more potent. They can deliver more speed and be used on different terrains, such as asphalt, sand, grass, etc.

Now one of the favorites: the TD-Monster. He is certainly the most different (and cool) scooter of all that we present here. This is for those who enjoy an adventure, but also don't let go of mobility and comfort.

As it is an OFF-ROAD model, it can reach up to 45 km/h and has larger tires, making it resistant to different types of terrain.

And there? After knowing all these options, what will yours be? Leave it in the comments!

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