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What are the challenges for TwoDogs sales representatives?

Commercial representation can be a very promising area for dedicated professionals who join good brands. At TwoDogs, we have the best team of representatives to assist distribution in the chain of stores.

See today what are the main challenges of TwoDogs representatives and how the brand works side by side to help manage the business.

When working with representation, it is necessary that all parties involved, mainly, openly want to be part of the business.

Therefore, our network of representatives is looking for people who have affinity with the brand and who can truly represent the company's values.

TwoDogs Sales Representatives

The main challenge for representatives is to select a good network of retailers and feed them with all the support provided by the brand.

The network of retailers is in direct contact with the representative, seeking information on products, stocks, news and prices.

representantes comerciais da TwoDogs

Therefore, in addition to the TwoDogs representative being someone close to the company, he must also be accessible to help shopkeepers sell more.

In addition to the sales effort, a whole support part is also offered to representative partners. They have the support of the entire TwoDogs team for clarification of doubts, management assistance, visual advertising materials and support via telephone or e-mail.

TwoDogs also has the habit of receiving brand representatives in its office and stock. Thus, these professionals have closer contact with the company.

The management of the retailer network is largely advised by TwoDogs' commercial sector.

The representative, being well aligned with the company, will hardly have challenges that he will have to face alone. TwoDogs' slogan is ?Making Friends? and these are not just customers.

In a way, the reps end up being friends and even more so. They are brand advocates and advocates, who carry TwoDogs values and principles throughout their commercial career.

If you want the opportunity to be a TwoDogs representative, click on here and fill out the contact form.

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