Much has been said about urban mobility, sustainability, light vehicles, clean energy, among other topics. The spraying of these concepts brought countless business possibilities, today we are going to show the advantages and disadvantages of buying or renting an electric scooter.

Broadly speaking, electric scooters bring benefits to the user, from the avoidance of heavy traffic and, consequently, the reduction of time per km covered, ease of parking, fuel economy, sustainability and lots of fun. But these are advantages compared to other types of vehicles, being the same advantages when buying or renting.

But why rent an electric scooter instead of purchasing a durable good?

comprar ou alugar?

There is a concept, which has been spreading in the market for a long time, which refers to the shared economy. The idea is based on the assumption that sharing reduces the impact of industry and mass production. However, there is a parallel that must be observed in this concept regarding the maintenance of these rental equipment, which needs to be more recurrent. Equipment depreciation impacts not only the increase in the production of spare parts as well as the price of the service provided. 

Another relevant point is the fact of having or not equipment available to meet the need. In other words, researching the location of the nearest vehicle, going to the location and running the risk of not finding it can generate frustration.

The most important thing when choosing between one of the options is to have clearly the function you want to use the equipment. If the proposal is to play and have fun, renting can be a smart option. However, if the interest is mobility, it is worth evaluating more carefully the possibility of investing in the purchase. Distance, accessibility on the way, speed and autonomy of the scooter are questions that must be answered when making decisions.

An electric scooter, in its vast majority, has a maximum speed of 20 km/h and autonomy of 25 km in the battery usage time. Currently, most scooter rental companies charge a vehicle activation fee and a fee per minute used, requiring the user to have an application installed, internet available and a credit card to use it. The purchase of a scooter can vary from R$1mil to R$4mil in traditional models, and even R$12mil in models with seats.

Aware of this information, it is possible to make a quick account and define the best option for your pocket and well-being. But it is worth mentioning, numerous health and environmental benefits make electric vehicles the best choice!

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