Women's struggle for equality in sport has been more than a discussion. It is a great cause to be faced.

We were able to see the growing participation of women in sports competitions over the decades.

However, this increase has still happened in a very timid and slow way. For them, situations that should be normal and fully expected are still huge challenges.

Women's sport in Brazil


Financial support is undoubtedly the biggest difficulty they face. The amount invested in them is still much lower than with men.

This difference is even more striking in football. While there are women's teams that earn an average of US$ 20 thousand in a championship, in the men's we see this value infinitely higher. An average of US$ 5.3 million per championship.

The basic conditions for conducting training are also lacking, such as precarious facilities and problems with transport for competitions.

esporte feminino no Brasil


It may seem absurd to you but many women still suffer harassment and prejudice when playing sports.

Girls and women being devalued for their skills and competences simply because they are women.

Comments such as “you should be home”, “sport is not a woman thing”, “you are weak” are still very recurrent even within tournaments.

The jokes and jokes are constant. But the women are not let down and the rematch appears on the court, on the field, on the track, on the lane, at sea...

Historically, sport and competition have always been the target of encouragement in the male environment. All as a way of demonstrating power, virility and masculinity.

These social factors and many others were rooted in the construction of society. Everything contributed to the fact that women and sports were little encouraged for her.

A very curious fact about women's sport is that, after the Rio Olympics in 2016, the great powers of the world began to see women with new eyes.

Their prominence in competitions last year (45% of the sports board of the games was made up of females) and their respective surprising incomes made the countries double their chances of medaling!

esporte feminino no Brasil

The change is just beginning! They arrived to break everything! 🙂

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