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What you need to know before choosing a board

Knowing how to choose which board to go into the water with is very important to achieve the desired performance and have fun safely.

Today on the Two Dogs blog you will see some tips on how to choose the ideal board for you, for your weight and height and also skill level. Follow along.

choose a board

To decide which board is best for what you want, you should consider the following factors:

1. Your body type: weight, height, fitness.

2. Your surfing skill level: beginner, amateur or professional

3. Each type of board provides a different experience, so decide if you want more agility, maneuvering speed, stability or good lift.

Identify whether your skill level is beginner, intermediate, or advanced. If you're a beginner, you need more stability and that means bigger boards. For those who already have a more advanced, high-performance level, a different model is needed – one that meets other specificities.

Each type of board is also ideal for each height and weight of the surfer.

How to choose the size?

Well, first you should know that the measurements of the boards are done in feet or inches. Generally, in the description of the size of the board, you will find information described as (example): 5'11” – this means that the board is 5 feet 11 inches.

Source: Radical Sea

  • longboard: are the bigger boards, with size from 9?. They are good options for beginners, but more experienced professional surfers also like to use them, especially in big waves.
  • Funboard: the best option for beginners. It is a little smaller than the longboard, and is about 7?. It is a board that preserves stability, due to its size, but also provides more agility for maneuvers.
  • Shortboard: better known as a ~little board~, this model allows for a lot of agility in maneuvers. Their size ranges from 5' to 6? and is aimed at surfers looking for air and tubes.

And don't forget: have fun safely ?

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