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What is Crossfit and what are its benefits?


Surely you've heard or read about it, but didn't know how to explain it. Is not it?

After all, what is crossfit? Come check with us this modality that is (literally) messing with a lot of people!


What is CrossFit?

Training methodology based on the development of physical conditioning, created in the 80s, adopted by the American armed forces to improve the physical conditioning of soldiers.

Crossfit develops various physiological capabilities of any type of person, whether they are elite athletes, military, elderly or young.

It doubles the main physical capacities of the human being, such as respiratory and cardiovascular endurance, muscular endurance, flexibility, strength, coordination, power, agility, balance and speed.

To practice the only equipment needed is: YOUR OWN BODY! However, other tools such as ropes, weights, boxes, rubber bands, chains, among others, can be used.


What are the principles of Crossfit?

Crossfit training is guided by three principles:

Functional movements: Similar to the movements we practice daily, that is, the universal patterns of human beings, such as: running, walking, crouching, lifting, pulling and pushing.

Constantly varied movements: Its main objective is the development of physical conditioning. The type of training is varied, working on the different types of capacity, developing all of them in a balanced way, such as: Strength, flexibility, muscular and cardiorespiratory resistance, balance, precision, speed and power.

High intensity: Presentation of quick results and beneficial training actions; Short-term, high-intensity training. Health development within the capacity of each individual making him evolve with each training.

And the health benefits?

The benefits given by Crossfit are scientifically proven for practitioners, among them are:

  • Increased strength, flexibility and self-esteem;
  • Reduction of mental and psychological stress caused by routine;
  • Increased energy, leaving you with greater availability for tasks;
  • Reduction in the percentage of body fat, reducing the risk of weight-related diseases;
  • Prevents bodily injuries, making your body resilient;
  • Muscle definition, renewing your body shape;
  • Anyone can practice, obviously, with the assistance of a qualified professional.



Interested? Several gyms already have training and professionals dedicated to Crossfit. Research the best one for you and let's practice!

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