TwoDogs proudly presents: the new colors of the TwoDogs Electric Scooter! 

TwoDogs Electric Scooters are the biggest success and everyone already knows that.

Now, you can find new versions of our product in several different colors.

For work or leisure time, the TwoDogs Electric Scooter is the best option to unite high performance, safety, economy and sustainability.

Check out the models available!


With a modern design, powered by clean energy, the Electric Scooter 1000W is ideal for everyday use.

Providing fun and mobility with great comfort, practicality and safety.

Weight of only 40kg and with the Foldable carbon steel body. It can be carried anywhere inside any trunk.

Its 1000W/36V motor with 1.4 hp is powered by 3 lead acid batteries of 12 volts and 12 amps each.

Autonomy of up to 2 hours of use and reaches up to 40km/h.

The CST brand tires of 4? give much more security when running on any type of terrain, offering more stability and comfort.

Equipped with high-quality, easy-to-maintain disc and ventilated brakes. O Electric Scooter has braking power in a shorter time and distance.

With the sport or economic option, you can choose the power with which you will ride your Scooter.

With the button pressed you activate the economy mode. Only 75% of the engine's total power will be delivered, saving battery life.

Already with the button deactivated, it will deliver all the power reaching a higher speed with greater torque.

It also offers a feature to limit the maximum speed to 20km/h, so it can be used by beginners and children even more safely.

Accompanied by a bivolt charger, the Electric Scooter can be used and recharged throughout Brazil. The adjustable seat can be adapted to the driver's height or even removed so that it can be driven standing up.

1000W Two Dogs Electric Scooter, mobility with the adrenaline and comfort you needed!

Available in white, blue, green, yellow, black and orange!

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