In the vicinity of Curitiba/PR, with options of 5km, 10km, 20km and 40km, on routes adapted to different levels of trail runners, in addition to the entire structure of the Ouro Fino Hydromineral Resort.

Come, bring your whole family and spend a very pleasant day at the 3rd edition of Naventura Trail Ouro Fino.

The ease of access and proximity to the capital of the state of Paraná are just some of the differentials of this event.

Naventura Fine Gold Stage

With comprehensive courses for all tastes, it's an ideal race for everyone. It offers quiet stretches for beginners, but also heavy and technical courses for more experienced ones looking for a bigger challenge.

The routes provide intense contact with a lot of green area in native forest forests, as the park is a large area of preservation of the Água Mineral company Ouro Fino, internationally recognized for the quality of its products.

The surroundings of the park are frequented by two-wheel adventurers. There are many trails with erosion and flooded stretches in reforestation areas.

In addition, the region has some hills with soil formed by gravel, making access to these places difficult and testing the skills of the runners. Many places, especially the crests of some hills, have undergrowth, which provides beautiful landscapes in the region.

An event for the whole family

The race surprises those who think that the metropolitan region of Curitiba/PR does not offer natural beauty. Mainly technical and heavy trail run courses.

It is an event that grows every year. The Organization's expectation is to reach the goal of 1,000 subscribers in this third edition.

An event for the whole family to enjoy the structure offered by the Ouro Fino Hydromineral Resort.

In addition to the ease of getting to the site, the park offers several hiking trails, barbecue grills, swimming pool with mineral water, playground, mini zoo, waterfalls and lots of green area.

Do you have a racing group? Contact us and check the benefits offered by Naventura.