In this article we will bring you a route with the best places where you can ride with electric scooters.

Most of the journey can be done on bike paths as scooters have a maximum speed of up to 40 km/h. These stretches make your path easier and lighter.

Where to walk?

Leaving the city center, you can start your journey by Public ride. There is a bike path that goes around the place. Inside, you can't ride the scooter, but you can walk with it or park it and enjoy the spot before continuing your journey.

By bike path towards Centro Cívico, in about 2 km you can reach Pope's grove for another visit. In another 3 km, continuing along the bike path, the destination is the São Lourenço Park. In this place you can ride your scooter at ease, in addition to drinking a good sugarcane juice! Going all the way around the park, you can take the fork in the bike path that will take you to the wire opera. Another option is to take your scooter, cross the park and continue along the bike path.

You can also find 1.2 km to Quarry Paulo Leminski and the wire opera. Following the bike path and another 1 km to get close to the Tanguá Park, where you can ride the scooter without any problems.

O Tingui Park is another place you can find with good views and a big track (about 5 km) to ride with your electric scooter.

Where else?

Other point, perhaps the most sought after by Curitibans, and the Barigui Park. You can also go around the park, which in total has approximately 5 km of track, in addition to finding beautiful landscapes. As there are many people walking there, always be patient and respectful to enjoy your ride more, it is also important to be careful with capybaras!

Choose your tour option. Take the route, choose one of them each time you leave, whatever your selection.

The important thing is have fun and this is guaranteed with scooters.

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