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Sports and the Environment: it's time for the Planet!

Sports and the environment have everything to do, especially the modalities that are practiced in nature. And nature is bad: pollution and global warming are just two of the biggest problems facing the world.

We can help change this scenario with small – but very important – attitudes, such as not throwing garbage on the floor.



There is a word that is key to reverse this situation: sustainability.
it involves EVERYTHING what we do in our daily lives that can have a positive impact: reduce costs, reuse and recycle.

Sports = Sustainability?

There are several initiatives and projects.
One of them, for example, foresees that the laureate medals of the Tokyo Olympics be made of recycled electronic material. Cool, isn't it?




And there's more: there is even an incredible sustainable project, created here in Brazil, in Morro da Mineira (RJ), where the soccer field is made up of underground plates with sensors to collect all the kinetic energy generated by the players' movements during matches.

Thus, the energy of the sport is transformed into electricity, which supplies the community court!


Just imagine! 

The initiatives don't stop there...

On our own, we can improve the world (even a little bit at a time). An example of this is Bruno Jacob, a freeride jet ski athlete from Bahia.
He decided to manufacture his own equipment, but using biodegradable oil fuels.


In the end, he got equipment with fiber from the hull derived from PET bottles and a steel part that comes from scrap metal.
The engine is still imported, as there are no manufacturers in Brazil. In addition to selling the product on Brazilian soil, he also exports his equipment.



A group of practitioners of Stand Up Paddle who exercise in Baía de Todos os Santos gathered athletes from the region – both amateurs and professionals – and, together with the diver Bernardo Mussi and his Fundo de Folia group, promoted an awareness-raising action for garbage collection in the region.



The result was the collection of almost half a ton of garbage, including refrigerators, stoves and even two bicycles!


Sack football also makes its contribution to sustainability: futsac uses a small ball (which can only be touched by the feet, torso and head) coated with crochet and stuffed with PET bottle grains.


As if that weren't enough, the headquarters of the Brazilian Confederation of soccer bag (CBFSac) has a court made from recycled and compressed tire rubber.


Actions like this inspire and give hope in the face of this sad situation that our world lives. And you, what can you do to contribute to the sustainability of your region?

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