In 2015, the Guinness Book elected the largest artificial swimming pool in the world. The prize went to Lagoa de Cristal, located in a resort in Chile. Its huge structure is in front of the beach, separated only by a line of sand from the Pacific Ocean, it enchants visitors and awakens the curiosity of many tourists and visitors.

maior piscina artificial do mundo

(Photo taken from above the Hotel San Afonso)

The largest artificial pool in the world

Possessing approximately 250 million liters, it has become the largest open-air swimming pool, with 1 km long (for comparison, 20 Olympic swimming pools can fit inside it) and 35 meters deep, it deserves a good dip.


To get an idea, inside the pool you can do common tasks done at sea, such as sailing, skiing, kayaking, swimming and diving. The water temperature reaches 26ºC.



And the coolest of all: the water ''used'' in the baths is treated and discarded again in the ocean water. All done sustainably and without polluting the environment. So, when are we going to take that dive?

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