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Droid x MiniDroid

Find out the main differences between the electric scooters from the Droid line.

Are you familiar with electric scooters?

Electric scooters are great options for leisure or transportation, being the perfect choice for those looking for agility and technology in a single product. Just like gasoline vehicles have been for a long time, until now.

Used as a means of transportation instead of conventional transport such as cars and motorcycles, precisely because there is no need for a driver's license, registration and all the other bureaucracies involved in traffic.

Among them, there are two types that draw a lot of attention: Scooters Droid it's the Mini Droid.  

Apresentação visual dos Patinetes Droid à frente e MiniDroid (ao fundo).
Droid (front) and MiniDroid (background)


Below are the characteristics of each one:



Benefícios Benefícios do patinete elétrico MiniDroid.


Mini Droid Scooter


the line Mini Droid it is more focused on fun, it presents different forms of interactivity between the user and the scooter, with an application with different functions, which completely change the experience according to your preferences.

After all, a generation that values technology more and more cannot do without connectivity. In addition, it has a headlight, rear brake light and easy folding, which increases safety and practicality. 

More focused on the young public, it guarantees stability and security for the peace of mind of owl moms and dads on duty. With its folding system, it's easy to take the fun anywhere and enjoy the family moment.

There are 3 different speeds to ensure safety when playing:

1 – Maximum speed of 12 km/h

2 – Maximum speed of 18 km/h

3 – Maximum speed up to 25 km/h

If the Mini Droid isn't for you, check out the perfect commuter scooter below.



Benefícios do patinete elétrico Droid.


Droid Scooter



On the other hand, the Droid it is aimed at urban mobility and is widely used in large centers. The model has a digital panel, anti-flat tire, smart app, LED lighting and safety locks.

It has the KERS system, the same technology used in formula 1 cars, which means that your scooter is able to recharge the battery from braking!

Practical, light and sustainable, it is ideal for escaping routine and saving time away from traffic, with a 350w motor, lithium battery and energy recovery system that provides more autonomy.

Equipped with tubeless tires, which do not puncture, this scooter model gives you more safety on rough terrain, avoiding constant changes. In addition, the Droid has connectivity, just download the application on your smartphone and enjoy all the functions and configure the system as you see fit.


Can anyone use an electric scooter?


Yes, since you don't need a National Driver's License (CNH) to drive one, but you need to be aware of some details.

It can be used by all ages, including the disabled, who can use electric scooters, but it is recommended that the maximum speed be safe for this audience. This way, in some models, this option can be adjusted so that it suits the user, regardless of age, for his safety.

The use of a helmet is not mandatory, but the use of protective equipment and supervision by those responsible is recommended. Even so, in some cities, there are discussions to reduce speed and prohibit electric scooters from circulating on the sidewalk, as is the case in São Paulo.

So, do you know which one to choose?
To find out even more, head over to our site.

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