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Letícia SK8 Test Surf Simulator. Let's check how it was?!

Is it possible to imagine a skater venturing into Surf? The Two Dogs team challenged a professional Skateboarder to test the Surf Simulator and let us know how it went. Could she take a wave on the asphalt?

At just 22 years old, the professional skateboarder Letícia Gonçalves already accumulates important titles in the sports scene. The athlete is part of the Brazilian Skate team in the Park modality. 

In June 2020, Lê became part of the Two Dogs team and is now an affiliate of the brand. To welcome this partnership, our team prepared a special kit. 

Letícia SK8 Com o Simulador de Surf da Two Dogs

The cat didn't leave it for less and thanked her with incredible material, produced in partnership with João Papaiz, who at the age of 23 has already shown a lot of talent in producing the material.

When talking about the recordings, she revealed funny and fun moments from the 3 days of recording. Over the simulator, he said ?I liked it a lot!!! But it is not very easy to walk n ?? and completed ?And it really has a lot of similarity with surfing, I suffered a little in the beginning?.

Letícia SK8 em manobras com Simulador de Surf

Letícia LOVES skateboarding, but confided that she received the Surf simulator from Two Dogs at the right time, since she is learning to surf and it will be used to train and improve her movements.

About Two Dogs, and the skater commented: ?Two dogs is a very cool brand, because it has all the products to make the child happy, even an adult, because he is not old enough to have fun? I'm already looking forward to testing the other products ??. 

With this feedback and subpoena, our team is already planning new adventures with this team!

 Gif de cachorro com orelhas em pé

In an interview with João, he told our team about Letícia's invitation, ?When Letícia told me that she wanted to receive a surf simulator from Two Dogs, we immediately started researching and writing what we could do. I've always worked with video editing and I have a background in surfing.? According to him, the knowledge of both allowed them to arrive at the result of this material. 

With adventure and challenges, the duo got permission to ?invade? a condominium under construction and use the asphalt as a backdrop for the campaign. Which also featured a 1972 Beetle to brighten up the scenes. The choices brought a vintage air in the best Californian style of the 70s. 

Simulador de Surf e um Fusca 1970, estilo Califórnia Style

The relaxed atmosphere in the recordings allowed João to also venture into the simulator. In addition to a great professional opportunity, the production of this material also served to increase, even more, the friendship with the complete skater.

He ends the interview with super positive feedback about the Surf Simulator from Two Dogs ?I was happy with the delivery, happy with the quality of the Two Dogs simulator that before we only saw in the gringa and happy with the feedback we received.?

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