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Launch of Pliage Plus New Colors

The month of September arrived with news at Two Dogs, along with the launch of the new Pliage Plus. After all, the most beloved folding bike landed in Brazil in new colors, with a new design and with the same quality and reliability that you already know.

The change is smooth but noticeable. According to Lucas Zeferino, Designer at Two Dogs, highlighting the natural design of the bike was the key point of this work. In this way, the stickers were reworked in a subtle way, with modern lines.

Pliage Plus Amarela Two Dogs, modelo novo

Another strong point of the new Pliage Plus is the choice of colors, the pastel tones joined the vibrant colors. After all, the colors are already part of the brand's identity, which seeks to bring fun to alternative mobility.

He was curious, so it is possible to check the changes in the Bike launch teaser on our Youtube channel and other social networks.

As for functionality, Pliage Plus maintains the same characteristics and quality. As well as it can be sold with or without the Electric Kit. A great opportunity to resell if you are a shopkeeper.

Be sure to check out this news in our online store and enjoy the new colors of Pliage Plus Two Dogs.

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