Safety items for riding an Electric Skateboard – TwoDogs. Care and responsibility make all the difference.

Electric skateboards, a novelty embraced by practitioners, is a sport that, like any other, needs care.

Some electric skateboards reach a speed of 45km/h and can hurt, especially children, who are unaware of the risk and are commonly found in electric skateboard practice sites.

Some accessories and care are essential.

Follow the list and enjoy the fun without getting hurt:

  • Helmet – is an essential protective equipment as it prevents more serious injuries and accidents. There are children's versions, with adjustable straps.
  • Kneepad – prevents scratches, injuries and is found in several models, including children's, with elastic and velcro straps that adjust to the body.
  • Gloves – have the function of decreasing speed during maneuvers, allowing better performance in curves and protecting hands from eventual falls, scratches and more serious injuries. There are gloves with velcro attachment on the palm that provide shock absorption.

Another important tip is to wear comfortable clothes that provide agility and speed, avoid slippers and other shoes that do not guarantee foot safety.

Playing the sport in style is natural, but having common sense is much cooler. Avoid unnecessary accessories such as sunglasses, earrings, chains and watches – impact with the floor or other material can be seriously aggravated by improper use of this type of accessory.

Avoid drinking alcoholic beverages while practicing the electric skateboard and always remember to avoid abuse, such as using maximum speed in places with a lot of movement. The practice of your sport should start respecting the space of others, especially when it comes to public places with heavy pedestrian traffic.

After these tips, just get your Electric Skate and get out there. Fun and safety guaranteed! And if you don't have yours yet, run to the our store and choose your model!