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Winter: Five essential tips for cycling in the cold or rain

Winter officially starts next Monday, but you won't stop pedaling just because it's cold, right? In addition, although the cold is not so severe in some parts of Brazil, the rainiest months also coincide with this season. 

With that in mind, we've separated some tips to help you face this period, so that it doesn't become an obstacle when you exercise or get around. Check out!


Careful in warming up

In this period of lower temperatures, the risk of injury increases. So, it's essential that you pay close attention to warming up before starting your pedaling in winter.

So start the pedal with a low intensity and gradually increase. That way you guarantee a good warm-up and prevent injuries. When in doubt about how to do it the right way, ask a professional for help.

Attention to clothing

Whether riding a bike in the cold or rain, it is very important that you are wearing clothing that guarantees your protection.

To ride in the cold: create layers to keep your ideal temperature controlled. First, make a layer with a breathable fabric overskin, tighter to the body. On the second layer, use a normal shirt, made of cotton. Finally, use a windbreak jacket.

To ride in the rain: in this case, windbreak can also help, but you can also opt for a raincoat. If your backpack is not waterproof, take extra clothes and a towel in plastic bags, for example. Whenever possible, wear clothing designed for cyclists. Thus, you will ensure greater comfort and adequate protection for your exercise.

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Stay hydrated and take care of your diet

With colder weather, the air is drier. That's why we need to stay well hydrated at all times. In this sense, a small bottle per hour of pedaling would be ideal.

Likewise, another point that deserves your attention is food. In this period of the year, we must increase the consumption of carbohydrates, especially before practicing intense physical activities. After all, the human body burns a lot of calories trying to keep us warm.

Anyway, don't run the risk of suffering the unpleasant ?starvation nail?. Because, when it gets to this point, the cyclist loses his strength and still runs the risk of having a drop in the immune system.

prepare your bike

Make sure you have space available in your backpack so that if you feel the need to take off one of your layers of clothing, you can store it away. Also, use a volume holder like handlebar bags or else baskets to carry some essentials. For example: easy-to-eat foods, lip balm, water, among others.

Now that you know how to guarantee a naked winter, click here to check our catalog and choose the best equipment for your experience. To the next!

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