The Balance Wheel has just arrived in TwoDogs' stock.

The Balance Wheel is a worldwide success and a new craze, both among music and TV celebrities, athletes and anonymous! Learn more about the best hoverboard on the market!

Without a specific name, it is known as hoverboard, smart car, smart balance, mini segway, balance car, balance wheel, among others. In addition to being very fun and light, it has been gaining space for both games and daily commuting.

What is most impressive is its technology that looks like magic! Only with the inclination and rotation of the body, it identifies and directs the equipment at the command of the driver. This happens because it has a gyroscope system, which makes it maintain balance on its axis and identify by initial force where the user wants to move.

The Balance Wheel TwoDogs has 2 350W Brushless model motors. This type of motor does not have brushes, and can deliver more power with less energy consumption, capable of overcoming slopes of up to 25 degrees and reaching up to 17km/h!

Recommendation: The same engine gyroscope acceleration system has a safety system, which when it reaches 17km/h starts to progressively reduce to 10km/m for driver stability.

In addition to all its power and looks with beautiful curves, the Balance Wheel is also highly resistant. Its fairing is made up of the ABS manufacturing process, the same process used in the manufacturing of some sports helmets. In addition, its internal base is made of steel, which can even support an adult weighing up to 100kg in full operation.

The Balance Wheel also stands out for being light compared to other electric vehicles – its total weight is 12kg, thanks to its Lithium-Ion battery technology. Generally, electric vehicles use lead acid batteries, which can weigh up to 20kg to deliver the same range as a 2kg Lithium battery. The Balance Wheel has this Lithium technology, capable of delivering up to 2 hours of autonomy. Full equipment recharge is done in an incredible 3 hours!

Recommendation: Lithium battery is the most modern battery on the market. To increase its service life and prevent it from overheating.

Remember to follow these precautions:

1. Do not use the equipment until it no longer turns on. The ideal is to stop using it as soon as it starts to drop in power.
2. Do not put your Balance Wheel to charge immediately after use. When you stop using it, wait 30 to 60 minutes to plug in. This way, the batteries cool down and are ready to be recharged again.
3. Don't let it overwhelm. When the charger reports that the battery is full, unplug it. This process takes 2-3 hours.
4. Never leave your Balance Wheel plugged in after the charger lights up green. Leave it recharging only for the time required by the charger.
5. Keep it stored or recharged in a well-ventilated area and away from heat sources.
6. Strictly follow the above recommendations to avoid the risk of overheating or collapsing batteries.

With technology that even looks like a futuristic movie, the Balance Wheel from TwoDogs has the most modern in manufacturing process. Come have fun with us, get your Balance Wheel Two Dogs now!


Weight: 12kg
Minimum capacity: 20kg
Maximum capacity: up to 100kg
Maximum speed: 17km/h
Autonomy: up to 20km.
Recharge Time: 2 to 3 hours
Maximum slope: 25 degrees (depends
of the driver's weight)
Battery: Lithium-ion Samsung ICR/36
V - 4.4AH
Motor: 350 W x 2
Battery capacity: 135WH
Charger: 110/220v
Tire: Solid, no camera.
Dimensions: 58.4×18.6×17.8 cm

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