Learn a little about X-Games history!

X-Games is the famous Olympics of extreme sports.

This event brings together thousands of people and for those who love to follow the Skate and Snowboard beasts, it is certainly an unmissable program.

How X-Games was born

The first event was created in 1995, in the United States more precisely in the city of Rhode. In the first edition, only nine categories were available and since then, the event has already started with a large number of spectators. It is estimated that in the first edition of the event, almost 200 thousand people attended.

After two years, the event committee decided to create a winter edition called Winter X-Games, also expanding its venues, starting to organize the event in Thailand.

Since then, the event has only grown, taking place in the five continents of the world. It's people from all over the world participating in X-Games.

Participating modalities

Separating the modalities by summer and winter games, they are:


  • rally;
  • motorcycle;
  • skateboard;
  • BMX (Bicycle Moto Cross).


  • ski;
  • snowboard;
  • snowmobile.

And how is X-Games performed?

ESPN, a radio and television channel in the United States with a 100% focus on sports, organizes and promotes the event.

Summer editions usually take place in July and August in Los Angeles, California, and winter editions take place in January through February in Aspen, Colorado.

The competitions are the same as those of the famous Olympics, with awards with Gold, Silver and Bronze medals. X-Games also rewards athletes with money.

Below, we leave a video of the Skateboard mode for those who want to know a little about the event: