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Function on Google Maps with best bike route

Function on Google Maps with the best bike route!

The cities chosen for launching the new Google Maps function are Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Belo Horizonte and Curitiba.

For those who use the bicycle as a means of transport or walking, the novelty should draw attention.

The features promise to make the route and life of urban cyclists much easier.

what will change

With the new tool, the cyclist can find out which is the best route to follow.

In addition to the best route, other information will be displayed, such as the duration of the route and the slope of the terrain.

It will be available in the version for smartphones and tablets.

For those who want to access the desktop, there is the option to click and drag the path to create your own route.

In the application, the user will have a bicycle icon next to other transport options, such as bus, car or pedestrian path.

Soon, the four chosen capitals will be able to access the new function by updating the Maps application on iOS and Android systems.

Google will promote a ride in Rio de Janeiro on the 2nd of July to celebrate the launch of the new tool. Cyclists can participate for free.

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