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Deliveries by app: 10 Reasons to use an electric bike

It is nothing new that the world is changing. A good portion of society is already rethinking its consumption, betting on sustainable strategies for everyday life. Issues such as global warming, recycling, water consumption, among other controls, began to be discussed more and more, in search of viable solutions for society.

Amid so many issues related to sustainability, combustion vehicles have been the great villain for some years now. And in this transformative process, bicycles have become the darlings of urban mobility, in addition to being a great option to replace public transport.

Currently, it is already possible to observe even delivery services with bicycles, such as companies EcoBike Courier, Loggi, rappi, Uber Eats and others. Based on this idea, this content suggests 10 reasons to use an electric bike in app deliveries.

1- Cost X Benefit
It's true, an electric bike has a high initial investment. However, it is worth evaluating the numerous benefits it can bring. In a short time, the amount invested will be recovered both financially and in terms of health.

2- Say goodbye to traffic
Just like the common bicycle, electric bikes provide freedom in locomotion, reducing stops in congestion. Which saves a lot of time on the move.

3- Save on supply
According to a calculation carried out by the company Two Dogs in partnership with the FIEP system, an electric bicycle spends less than R$0.24 on each charge of approximately 4 hours. It is possible to travel up to 30 km with each charge. Although there is no fueling cost with a common bicycle, it is worth evaluating the exchange, due to the countless benefits of the electric motor.

4- Save time on the way
With an electric bike, delivering in less time is possible. Consuming less time on each delivery, it's easy to increase the volume of work, isn't it? An electric bicycle can reach up to 25 km of speed with the power of the motor. This speed, which can increase on descents.

5- Think about the planet
Without CO2 emissions, the planet thanks you. An electric bike is a great option for alternative mobility, or the engine runs on clean energy, a sustainable trend!

Green planet earth with solar energy batteries installed on it

6- Waste less energy on pedaling
Most electric bikes are pedal assisted, which means you can pedal and pedaling drives the motor. One advantage is that it is possible to tire less over long distances. Oops, the battery is dead! No problem, you can pedal to the final destination without any difficulties. Another advantage is that the electric bicycle wears the cyclist less, allowing more deliveries, without exhaustion.

8- No license needed
Electric bicycles are considered engines with up to 350w of power and that reach up to 25km/h with engine power. Under these conditions, the regulations applied are the same as for ordinary bicycles. Being the same rules for circulation, being able to transit in cycle paths, streets and sidewalks in accordance with the legislation.

9- It's easier to park
Have you ever thought about that complicated delivery without a parking space? With the bicycle this problem is solved.

10- Electromobility is the future for transportation
There's no denying it, fossil fuel-powered vehicles have their days numbered and will soon be replaced by electric vehicles.

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