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In the midst of the crisis, do companies need to reinvent themselves?

You know that anxiety when hearing everyone say it's time to innovate? Time to change and reinvent yourself in this time of crisis. But will it be? Do companies really need to reinvent themselves?

This is a very important question to ask yourself, because for many business models and companies, a change can really be essential right now. However, for other business models and companies, it is the ideal time to get organized, improve the management and processes of your own business model, thinking about the resumption of post-crisis growth.

The first step is to ask yourself if the company has been doing “beans and rice” effectively? Is the basics well done? Does the company do the essentials? And when referring to the well done, it does not mean that it must be perfect, but well done.

"Thinking this way and focusing on needs is not about reinventing yourself, it's about how to improve."
Fortune Marks
Executive Director of twodogs

Therefore, no matter the size of the company, even in companies with just one person, it is possible to improve management and transform efficiently. Just want it after all
After all, it is important to keep in mind that in order to grow, it is necessary to organize and think like a big company. The search for perfection, in many moments, can hinder the execution of a good plan. In this way, something well done is better than a perfect one that does not leave the paper.

“Be practical, objective and do it! If you don't have a computer, do it on a sheet of paper, the important thing is to do it independently of the tools”, says Marcos Fortuna.
Entrepreneurs must often ask themselves: What is the basics of your business? What are the essential activities to do the job well? What can be done to deliver “beans and rice” efficiently? And so, when finding the answers to these basic questions, the entrepreneur must focus on doing them in the best possible way.

It is worth mentioning that it is not about reinventing anything, but about improving what is already done to stand out in the market.

If the company is a Pizzeria, for example, what are the basics that need to be done?
Maybe it's making the pizza taste the same regardless of the cook. Thus, the question that must be asked is: How to make the same pizza, with the same taste every time that I, or someone else
are you making the pizza? The solution may be to write down the process, recipes and times.

By thinking this way and focusing on needs, it has nothing to do with reinventing yourself, but with how to improve.

Fortune Marks
Executive Director of TwoDogs

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