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Tips to get out of sedentarism! – TwoDogs blog

Let's be honest and direct: Are you a sedentary person? If the answer is yes, did you know that sedentary lifestyle affects a lot of people too, even causing health problems?




But what is sedentarism anyway?

A sedentary lifestyle is classified as a lack of exercise involving one's physique. No, we are not referring to football, bodybuilding and other sports.

We are talking about any activity performed by a human being, contributing to physical effort and movement of muscles.

It is necessary to find pleasure in physical activities, leaving a sedentary lifestyle in the past and following these tips to become healthier in the future.



Tip 01: Face your laziness

We all go through days when the desire to do nothing is greater than everything, right? Staying in bed is often the best option for our body, a mixture of laziness + deep discouragement.

Remember that: just yesterday you said you would tomorrow. Then start doing the easiest activities: get out of bed and make it. Quick and easy task, but that will make you want to practice other small activities.

The combination of all these little ones will make you ready to tackle bigger tasks over time. You will evolve with these practices and soon you will forget that you were once lazy.




Tip 02: Find an activity that suits you!

We don't want to offer something cliché, but this is very close to reality.

You must do what you like and, if it brings benefits, even better!!

Do you like to walk? Find a walking group and arrange to leave early to practice. Do you like skateboarding? Go to training tracks and enjoy meeting new people and training.

Any physical activity with minimal effort will open doors to a healthier life.




Tip 03: Eat healthy!

Imagine the following situation: you make all the effort in the world. In the morning, tidy the house, losing around 100 calories. In the afternoon, go out for a run and go to the gym. Another 400 calories lost. Arrives at night and goes straight to the fridge and eats a CALORIC dish!!

All your efforts will be in vain if the food is not done correctly.

It is not forbidden to eat junk food from time to time, but this habit cannot be maintained constantly.

Consult nutritionists and doctors to review your diet and combine it with your exercises.


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Tip 04: Don't procrastinate.

"Ah, but today I'm lazy!", "I woke up indisposed", "It's raining outside".

Laziness, indisposition and time problems should be disregarded when we are talking about your health.

Pay attention to the fact that you've come this far and want to treat your health as a priority!!

Start that one today #Summer Project and hands in the dough.


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