the sale of scooters is on the rise today. Both for leisure and for going to work, this product has seen a growing demand, also because cities have implemented better traffic infrastructure with bike paths, parks and tracks. In this text, we give some tips on how your resale can increase business and have better results.

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Different marketing and sales strategies

The products that your company sell it has quality, durability and practicality. But how do you convince customers that this is a fact and, above all, how do you persuade them to buy? There are several marketing strategies that can be leveraged to make the scooter reselling process more efficient.

In Digital Marketing

Having a page on social media is essential. Mainly use the Facebook it's the Instagram to capture new customers. These tools are very important because they allow you to quickly share offers and also institutional content that your scooter dealership can use to build a good reputation with customers.

Social networks can also be a communication channel between your company and your customers. It is very common for people interested in scooters to contact us via inbox (Facebook) or Direct (Instagram) to ask about a product they have seen in the posts. So keep an eye on these platforms and interact with the public in comments as well.

It is also advisable to invest in Content Marketing. In a blog, a channel of Youtube or even on social networks, publish useful content to the interested public about scooters, product models, types of scooters indicated for each public, maintenance information, tips on interesting places to explore with the scooter, among other subjects that may be of interest to your client.

In this way, he starts to perceive your brand with more sympathy, engage with your resale and trust your store. Thus, the customer is much more attracted to buy a scooter in your business. Another advantage that Content Marketing provides is the improvement of the positioning of your pages on Google.

As search systems also take into account the user's geographical position, when a customer in your store's region does a Google search on scooters and the like, he will see links to your reseller in the first results, if your Marketing strategy Digital has been well planned.

Another strategy that can also come in handy to sell more scooters is to invest in ads on Google or social networks. A great advantage of online ads is that they are cheap: you can start investing as little as R$ 10 and already make your content reach more users through sponsored posts or paid Google results.

However, you'll want to plan your keyword usage well so that your ads are shown to people who are more likely to be interested in scooters. When in doubt, talk to a marketing professional. In this way, its strategies range from customer prospecting to closing the sale.

One final tip on digital content: In your posts, try to encourage users to share your posts with others. Thus, even someone who is not interested in buying a scooter can spread that content with people who are interested. Be creative: use humor, memes, mind triggers or other techniques.

offline strategies

There are several techniques that can also be put into practice to make your physical store perform well. They use strategies that are off the internet, but can provide more scooter sales for your business.

referral program

A referral program can be a good way to get more scooter sales. Especially since it is common for scooter users not to ride alone. Make a rewards program that gives discounts or other benefits to customers who refer others to buy. Thus, consumers themselves also become promoters of your company.

Also, making your customers speak well of your store is essential to get more sales. Encourage them to make posts on social media by tagging the venture, or leave a positive comment on the store's Facebook or Google page to make it better known.

Discounts on joint purchases

It is often worthwhile to offer a special discount for purchasing more than one product sold together. For example: special offers for couples who buy scooters, parents and children, groups of friends, schoolmates, companies who buy scooters for their employees, etc. Or: combos with a discount on the helmet scooter sale.

The possibilities of offers and promotions are many. See the one that best suits the reality of your business and your clientele. However, it is also very important to publicize this promotional action.

Sponsorship of scooter rides and other events

More and more cities have tours, competitions or events for scooters and cyclists. Your target audience is concentrated at these events and it is necessary to make your brand appear in this type of situation precisely so that these interested consumers are aware that your store exists and is available.

More than that, sponsoring this type of event shows that your store supports the cause of scooter and bicycle users. More people are replacing the car with cleaner means of transport in their daily lives. In this context, showing your commitment can have a very positive effect on your audience, making them interested in your company.

competition monitoring

How can your company outperform the competition? First, you need to get to know her. Monitor your competitors, the products and services they offer, the amounts they charge, payment terms, store characteristics and publicity campaigns. Evaluate in which of these aspects your enterprise can do better to attract the public.

In the business world, we call this survey a ?Benchmark?, and it will be useful for your enterprise to have a sense of what the market is doing, thus making it easier to understand what your company is lagging behind and how it can improve.


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