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Two Dogs Tips: How to Remove the Seat from the TD-Monster Scooter

Want to know how to remove the seat from the TD-Monster electric scooter? Here we teach you

We bring you the series of videos ?Tips from Two Dogs? with several practical and cool tips to help you make the most of the products Two Dogs.

Today, we're going to show you how to remove the seat from the TD-Monster scooter, so that you can transport it much more easily.

So let's go to the tutorial!

ATTENTION: Before starting, make sure your scooter is turned off.

1 – Raise the deck and disconnect the brake light cable


2 – Use a 10 mm spanner and loosen the seat screws


3 – Carefully remove the seat

We do not recommend walking your TD-Monster without the seat. Use this procedure for ease of transport.

To put the bank back in, repeat the process in reverse.

Now your TD-Monster is ready for action!

Check out the video in full:

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