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Two Dogs Tips: How to Clean Your Electric Scooter

If you still have doubts when cleaning your Electric Scooter, keep an eye on this content.

Concerned with always bringing you information, tips and news, our team has prepared special content so that you can make the most of the universe Two Dogs.

our channel Youtube publishes, in addition to campaigns and launches, also a series we call “Two Dogs Tips”. In it, you can better understand your product and the necessary care for it. How about signing up to follow the news?

But if you haven't subscribed to the channel and haven't seen our last video about “How to Clean an Electric Scooter“, we give you a little push with this tutorial.

Let's watch?

1- You will need:

  • Household cleaner (multipurpose)
  • Cloths or old toothbrush
  • bucket with water

2- To start, place your scooter on the side stand

Position the scooter so that it is firm and in a comfortable place to start cleaning. Do not forget to turn off the scooter with the key, to avoid problems and unnecessary consumption of ene regia.

3 – What is the Bucket used for?

In the bucket, mix water with a little of your favorite cleaning product. Dampen the cloth well, then wring it out to remove excess water. It is important that the cloth is only damp and not soaked.

6- Clean in parts, rubbing with a damp cloth.

Choose one part at a time and clean with a damp cloth, then with a dry cloth, repeat the operation to ensure that part is clean and mostly dry. Repeat these same steps in the other parts, always performing one by one.


Pay attention to the details, be careful with the wiring below the saddle, with the lights and cables of your scooter. Do not clean the link chain and the brake disc, it is also good not to mess with the wiring and battery cables. And especially avoid water jets.

Okay, now that you know how to proceed with the cleaning of your Two Dogs Electric Scooter. But it's worth accessing the step-by-step and watching the full video, before leaving and enjoying.

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