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Two Dogs Tips: How to Inflate Electric Scooter Tires

Don't know how to inflate the tires on your Two Dogs electric scooter? Here we teach you!

We bring you the series of videos ?Tips from Two Dogs? with lots of practical and cool tips to help you get the most out of Two Dogs products.

Today, we're going to show you how to inflate your tires. Two Dogs electric scooter correctly so that accidents do not occur. That's why it's important that you always keep them calibrated and full.

ATTENTION: before touching the tires, make sure the scooter is OFF.

1 – Find the tire beak and remove the cap: be careful with your fingers near the chain.

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2 – Connect the nozzle lengthener to the tire nozzle

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3 – Connect the compressor to the nozzle lengthener: Calibrate with the pressure indicated on the side of the tire. When finished calibrating, remove the nozzle extender.

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4 – Replace the cap on the spout

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Now your scooter has the tires calibrated and ready for the most radical maneuvers!

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