For those who are used to going to parks or taking walks in the streets, you must have already come across someone with an electric skateboard. Encounter that is being very frequent even more with the increase in fuels recently.

Being the pioneer in bringing the much-idolized electric skateboard, Two Dogs always seeks to bring news and improvements to the category. This month she arrived with everything, the skateboard is now 1600W, total madness.

The phrase “your destiny is only in your hands” has never made as much sense as it does now, the electric skateboard has a hand control with more features, being light and practical. In addition to being easier to learn to ride than a normal skateboard, you can brake smoothly on descents and accelerate uphill quickly. 

With the Two Dogs electric skateboard, adrenaline is guaranteed for your adventures. Perfect for enjoying a cool walk along the beach or having fun in a park.

About Skate

skate elétrico Two Dogs

O Off Road Electric Skateboard Two Dogs works with wireless technology, which controls the brakes and accelerator. For being an Off Road, having challenges is his face.

With its 1600W motor, it reaches 20km with just one charge and can reach a top speed of 35km/h in “BEGINNER – MODE” mode. However, there are some factors that can influence its performance, for example: engine acceleration, tire pressure, driver's weight, uphill and downhill.

It has a Canadian maple shape with non-slip sandpaper, which provides greater safety and stability for the rider. It has a capacity of up to 110kg and weighs around 18.5kg.

The cool thing is that this skateboard has IP54, that is, it is resistant to water and dust splashes. Its 36V/10Ah lithium battery has a dual voltage charger (127V/220V). For a full charge, it takes 4 to 6 hours to be plugged in.


Pessoa andando com o skate elétrico.

In addition to being widely used in leisure time, it is in great demand, as it is economical, practical and does not harm the environment. Since to refuel, just plug it into a normal outlet and it also fits in any corner.

It's a means of getting around that has its versatility, doesn't require a lot of effort to use it and even helps to develop balance. A product that promotes sustainability and awareness, on top of that it doesn't make you take traffic or face crowded buses.

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