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Where did longboards come from?

The practice of skateboarding longboards emerged in California in the early 1950s when skaters were looking for a sport that connected with snowboarding, skateboarding and surfing.

The practice began to become popular when surfers joined the movement and started using the longboard as a form of training under the board when the sea was not in good conditions for surfing.


Longboards began to be commercialized on a large scale from the year 1959 and distributed among toy and convenience stores.

The first models were made with glass fibers but were quickly detected as dangerous for the practitioner.

The set of trucks (the metal part that connects the board to the wheels) was being improved and, later, in 1973, the set of wheels began to be made of urethane, a component very similar to rubber, providing better grip on asphalt.

All these improvements helped make the sport lighter and safer.

The longboard skateboard has become a sophisticated and attractive means of transportation. Provides greater freedom of movement and can also be used easily as a means of transport.

For those who want to abuse the maneuvers, the longboard is also very good for performing rotations, curves and picking up speed.



First, you need to understand for what purpose you are going to use the longboard. If you will use it to go down big slopes, pick up speed or if you will use it for more peaceful walks.

For those who enjoy more adrenaline and daring movements, it is recommended to use a longboard with less rigid wheels. They have greater fixation and flexibility with the ground and help prevent falls.

If you are going to use it for walks or for quieter maneuvers, bet on a longboard with harder wheels. Thus, you will have more resistance in contact with the ground.

Don't forget the safety equipment! Will they protect you from any type and intensity of fall?

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