This is one of those stories that inspire us to build a better world. See how this young American reused his neighbor's trash to make a totally sustainable board, ideal for falling into the water!

It is in the small town of Woodland Hills, California that American Kieran Giffen learned how to make surfboards. The family has a simple lifestyle and has always had surfing in their routine, even having a small workshop in their backyard for making surfboards.

Cardboard surfboards

There was once a family neighbor who decided to get rid of large cardboard boxes and throw them in the trash. That's when young Kieran saw the opportunity to create something new with what would go to waste, and started to manufacture alaia models in his home workshop.

For those unfamiliar, alaia is the name given to the first surfboard models. Created in Hawaii, the boards started surfing in general, and initially were made of wood.

To make the structure stronger, Kieran cross-glues several layers of cardboard. To give more firmness and support, the young man inserted a stringer and ended it with a layer of fiberglass.

For testing, nothing better than falling into the water and putting your board to the test! Tested and approved my dears! Totally viable and a sustainable idea, our planet thanks you! See on VIMEO the complete video of the production and use of the board!