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Know some slackline maneuvers

The slackline can bring delicious moments of fun with all its possibilities for maneuvers, whether at a party with friends, in the city square or on the porch at home.
For those who still don't know this hobby, we explain: it is a balance exercise performed on top of an elastic band a few centimeters from the ground. It is the ?easy? of the famous tightrope that circus performers created to defy the law of gravity.

As not everyone is born to be a professional tightrope walker, the slackline was created to bring some of the excitement of balancing on an elastic band, but without the risks of falling from heights. There are even those who see it as a sport and challenge themselves to overcome increasingly difficult maneuvers, participating in competitions around the world.
Did you feel challenged too? So here are six tricks for slackline lovers…and let it be clear that walking the tape from one side of the tape to the other is just the basic level.

  • #1- Turn Around

This is a maneuver for those who already master the ribbon and want to start the intermediate level. In free translation, we are talking about ?walking and turning on the tape?. The first thing to do is walk forward and then take a few steps backwards with a spin that will end up facing forward again. Basically, it's a 360 spin, but without jumping.

  • #2-Walking backward

In good old Portuguese: walking backwards. As the name implies, the maneuver is "simple": just walk in reverse on the slackline and that's it! You successfully completed walking backward. A curiosity: when walking backwards on the elastic band you end up exercising several posterior leg muscles. That is, the maneuver is an excellent exercise for those seeking toning

  • #3- Sit Down

Sitting on the tape. Easy? Only for those who have tried and failed several times until finally succeeding. The maneuver requires a little strength from the abdomen since there will be no foot support on the ground and only a few centimeters of tape to cushion the position. There's strength!

  • #4- Foot plant

This is an attempt to stand fully on the soles of the slackline. The first action is to lower the torso, sitting on the back foot ? with heel support? and then stretch the front leg, forcing the sole of the foot into the band for balance.

  • #5-LadyBounce

Or, the lady's leap. For those who thought it was impossible to look elegant on slackline, they were wrong. This maneuver was inspired by all the gracefulness of women who practice the sport, and can be summarized as a cross-legged jump. Of course, it's not easy, but for those who are persistent in training, it's just a matter of time.

  1. #6-Drop Knee

This is probably one of the most complex slackline maneuvers. That's because jumping on your knees puts a lot of strain on various muscle groups like the quadriceps and especially your sense of balance. That's why it's advisable to prepare well at the basic levels before trying it.

If you think slackline maneuvers end here, know that this is just the beginning. These are just a few suggestions for you to have fun with other practitioners, but remember that there is much more to be explored at intermediate and advanced levels. Warm up, stretch and face this challenge soon. Good luck!

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