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How to easily organize your business in 4 simple steps

open own business it's very exciting, everything is new, feeling of accomplishment in doing new things and meeting new people. However, with the passage of time things change and finally the excitement wears off and the entrepreneur begins to realize the routine.

This may be the time to improve the company. Whether in customer service, or in the way of delivering the product. Passing through the planning of purchases, as well as the organization of administrative and financial management. Finally, the routine processes of a company guarantee that even when delegating functions to employees, these processes will be carried out in the same way that customers are already used to.

In this way, this publication suggests 4 simple steps, so that all processes are not lost with new hires or with the rotation of existing employees.

1 – What are the sectors of your company?

As much as the company is small and does not have employees, a definition of sectors is necessary. This action is essential for the organization and for the healthy growth of the business. A mental map can help define the sectors, to later create a simple organizational chart, as in the example below:


Sectors: Service, Production, Purchasing, Finance.

2 – What functions are required for each sector of the company?

Okay, if you've read this far, you're probably interested in improving the company. Therefore, after defining the organization chart, it is important to think about the functions performed in each sector of the company, that is, which positions will be needed in the respective sectors, as in the example below:

3 – What activities should be carried out in each sector?

At this moment, possibly the list with all the activities has already been created. Then it's time to describe in detail all the responsibilities of each role. This process can take time, there is no need to be in a hurry, but it is important that the description is objective and clear. 

as in the example below:

4 – What are the processes of each activity?

This is the most important part, it is possible to describe each activity. It's worth thinking of this step as an investment, which will significantly increase your chance of success when delegating functions. In addition to contributing to standardization and optimizing time when training new employees.

So get to work, now is the time to think about all the activities in detail. If the activity is ?Check Ingredient Stock? for example, describe how the verification should be carried out, develop a checklist that ensures that the processes will always be followed in the same way. Run tests on this routine, aiming for frequent improvements. In this activity, it is possible to create a quick checklist, where the employee should check periodically to avoid the lack of basic ingredients, as shown in the example below:

When following this simple method, in all activities and in all sectors of the company, perhaps the creation of an operations manual is necessary. Which, in itself, will be a great differential and will help the entrepreneur to plan and improve what really matters, the ?beans and rice? of the service provided.

Article written by Marcos Fortuna

Executive Director of Two Dogs.

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