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How to start surfing? Here are 8 tips for falling into the sea and not taking broth

Summer is coming and many people are looking for the beaches looking for the sea as an alternative to practice an extreme sport.

How to start surfing

Surfing is gaining new practitioners every year, and if you want to learn this technique, take a look at the tips below and prepare your board:


  • Choose good equipment

With the help of practicing friends, professionals in the field or even the internet, you can buy the right equipment to practice.

Remember that to start surfing, the boards must be bigger and can be purchased in virtual stores or on the coast.

Invest in a good suit, which should be adapted for different weather conditions.

A good message: If you are going to surf on beaches that have rocks or corals, protect yourself with helmets.

  • Look for a Surf School

You may wonder: What for? Some techniques only the experience of surf school teachers can teach you.

Look for recommended professionals, either by people you trust or by professional surfers.

Take group lessons to gain confidence in surfing with other people around.



  • Be very, very patient!!


After acquiring the equipment, you will start training. And you will have to be patient. It is essential to be patient at all times.

Your motor coordination will be tested at different times, from your first paddle to standing for the first time. In

Having genuine will is necessary!! It's no use making a face.

Constant care. You are taking care of your body first. A mistake could result in injuries.


Resultado de imagem para Treino de surf


  • Choice of training location


For you to practice, we suggest a beach with sandy bottoms, where there is not much movement of people, whether surfers or bathers.


Train where the waves are not strong, as it will be very important that you know how to catch light waves in the beginning.


Evolve as you gain confidence.


Preferably not surf alone.


Research the place where you're going to surf, with testimonials from surfers, watching videos, checking sea schedules, winds, swell, currents, moon phases, nature.


Learn more about the different features you can find there, knowing the different challenges.


Knowledge is never too much. Time + Energy Saving!!


Resultado de imagem para praia de surf



Remember school geography? You will need it! The cardinal points are often used to read wave forecasts.

Train a lot, doing readings, asking for help from friends who understand. Be willing to learn swell and groundswell, do a lot of research on training peaks.

REMEMBER IF: Mother nature is unpredictable. Keep an eye on the weather forecast too.


Resultado de imagem para previsao de ondas


  • take care of yourself

The good physical condition of your body also counts when practicing a physical sport.


Take special care with your arms and shoulders, as they need to be stretched and trained for paddling.


Legs also need to be sharp: they are responsible for helping you stand up.


Balance is key, so practice exercises.


(Athlete's photo Gabriel Medina in balance training)



Your patience + Your learning = We want you to understand the state of your board, how the equipment works.

Create an exercise routine that can help improve your performance at training time, such as stretching.

Always pay attention to your body and ENJOY THE MOMENT!!


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Watch the surfers, the swimmers, the sea. Look for safe alternatives.

Find out where the Lifeguard station is located in case of emergencies.


See all the movement of surfers, from the arrival at the beach to the trip to the sea.


Avoid crossing paths in the water to avoid accidents. All care is possible and necessary. Respect the surfers' code of conduct.



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