Ah, the sea! The waves! The adrenality and tranquility of being carried away by the force of nature. Surfing is almost like being transported to another universe. And there are some things in this world that only those who are from there know what happens!

Today we come humbly to say that there are things that only surfers learn, because the practice of this sport therapy has its peculiarities and unique moments, like all the others.

Are you going to say that you haven't already imagined yourself in the vast blue, watching the surf and waiting for the perfect wave? Being in the water requires courage and persistence, as well as eyes and an open heart to learn what surfing moments can provide.

Want to know what these lessons are? Keep reading and see if you identify yourself!

1) Don't create expectations, not everything depends on your good will

He will say: you, surfer, have not looked at the sea and thought “-today I will surf all day, the sea will be good”. And suddenly, disappointment. The sea closes, the waves disappear, the sky darkens and you feel sad because the rolê meowed. When you surf, you know that days like this are normal and that at some point the sea will open up again, everyone can enjoy a day at the beach and everything will stay.

You learn that even though you yearn for a day of sun and incredible waves, days are not always like this and in the end everything is still fine. Other days will come.

2) Gratitude

Surfing is a unique sport because it connects people with its essence that comes from nature, enabling the discovery of new feelings and sensations.

Being at sea, among friends and waves, makes people see more of the simple things in life and learn to be more grateful.

When catching a perfect wave, we thank the sea, the sky, God, Iemanjá and everything that comes into our heads, because the feeling drives us to that.

3) Subject

Everyone wanted to be born knowing a lot of things, but we know we need to learn everything. Surfing is no different, and this sport requires a lot of discipline and responsibility from those who are practicing.

Every surfer knows that persistence and discipline are fundamental factors for surfing, including those who just surf for fun.

Persistence always comes from waiting for the perfect wave, and the discipline to hone our skills to stay on top of it.

4) Fun is what counts

Perhaps this is one of the biggest lessons learned by surfers. This sport has the power to unite athletes, practitioners and supporters as a family that supports and helps each other.

In this sense, even the highest level competitors maintain friendly relationships with their opponents in the heats. Outside the competitions, everyone knows that the valley is to enjoy the ride, collect stories and enjoy it A LOT!

5) Get rid of anxiety

You are probably or know someone who suffers from anxiety. In that case, the anxious ones probably haven't learned to surf yet. This sport teaches presence in its entirety, where there is no anxiety.

That's because when you surf, brother, when you take a tube you are totally present. Only that moment exists and nothing else matters.

The feeling is almost indescribable. One of the most valuable things about surfing is the power it has to pull us out of trouble and into a parallel reality, where there is calm and balance.

Well, that these lessons can be learned in other ways is no secret. But learning each of these things living moments that only surfing provides is unforgettable.

Is that you? Have you learned something from surfing to share with us?

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