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Cycling: what you can't miss on a bike trip

Cycling: what you can't miss on a bike trip

For you who can't do without an adventure on two wheels, cycle tourism is a "full plate". But before taking your bike to travel, it takes planning. If you are starting out in this modality, you need to understand what cycle tourism is and its categories.

As the name already says, this is a type of trip focused on tourism, that is, no competition! It doesn't matter how long it takes you to your destination, the goal is to experience new cultures, visit historic sites and/or simply relax.

As soon as you decide to hit the road by bike, know that you can do it in two ways:

Autonomous: your trip can be individual or in a group, but in this case, each one will be responsible for carrying their own luggage and also for all the necessary structure to complete the route.

With support: In this option, you will be accompanied by a support car that will be responsible for transporting your luggage and other items necessary for your comfort. Some travel agencies organize this type of tour, and they are also responsible for accommodation, food and guides.

Whether you are a self-employed cyclotourist or choose to make the journey with support, venturing out with your bicycle will require a series of preparations. Below, you can see what you can't miss to make the most of your trip!

7 tips to organize your bike tour

  1. Prepare yourself physically: it is very important that you have excellent physical conditioning to support a long distance ride, avoiding risks to your health.
  1. Calculate the distance of the route: this way, you will have an idea of how many stops will be necessary and which items will be essential for your trip.
  1. Check the road conditions and weather variations that may occur during the trip.
  1. Don't forget your safety kit: bike signs, suitable cycling clothing, helmet, repair tools, etc. It is also interesting to travel with your insurance up to date – after all, you will need to park your bike in several places.
  1. Bike choice: for everything to go well, your bike needs to meet your needs such as comfort, resistance, easy maintenance and versatility, as it needs to perform well on different types of terrain.
  1. Basic necessities kit: hygiene items, first aid, water, easy-to-eat foods, money, personal documents, etc. Accidents can happen, so be prepared.
  1. Choice of destination: think of an amazing place, with several attractions to visit and enjoy!

And then did you write down the tips? Now that you know what cycle tourism is, invite your pedaling friends and start another adventure on two wheels. 

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