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Surf and Longboards Simulators arrived

New Longboard models arrived at the store along with a new feature: surf simulators

After a long wait they finally arrived at the Two Dogs the new models of surf simulators and longboards. The simulator is a super novelty, being for the first time in our store.


Bringing bold designs and illustrations with old school style, we decided to bring back the bobcat longboard model, which is perfect for those who want to practice the downhill style.

With its Canadian wood shape, the lowered model provides more aerodynamics and support for the feet, thus having greater control and stability on the skateboard.

You can choose between four different shapes, whichever suits you best.

modelos de longboard

Surf Simulator

Surf simulators, also known as swingboards, have an innovative truck that allows for quick movements and tighter turns. Its rotating front truck allows maneuvers that previously could only be performed with a surfboard.

With the surf simulator it's like surfing on asphalt! Two Dogs brought 2 different models and four shapes for you to choose from.

modelos de simuladores de surf

Do you like the new surf and longboard simulators? So leave which one is your favorite in the comments?

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