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Living sailing – family travels the world on a sailboat

adventure at sea

Living sailing was the dream of Brazilians Juliano and Juliana, who started an adventure with their children Vicent and Martina.

The family is living in a 43.5 ft Northwind boat that has 3 cabins, 2 bathrooms, kitchen, living room and office.

To live aboard, the couple has abandoned modern life and focuses on concerns beyond mundane distractions. They seek to take advantage of every new place they have the opportunity to visit.

With the sailboat, the family intends to visit 27 countries in the next 6 months.


The unconventional life for 1 and 4 year olds is one of the biggest challenges, but their enthusiasm makes up for it and makes every moment more special.

The lack of connection is also a recurring problem.


Juliano is a triathlete and for surfing he opted for our StandUp Paddle. It is possible to see in the publications on the couple's Instagram that the guy is a fan of TwoDogs.

If you want to live radically like this family, come and take a look at the cool products of Virtual store by Two Dogs. We are partners for any adventure!

You can collaborate with the trip through the website patron and to follow everything, access the Instagram of the couple or Life Somewhere blog.

So, living sailing, would you dare?

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