Unhappiness is on the loose! Index of happiness plummets and Brazil falls in the global ranking.

Moça de braços abertos aproveitando o ar livre entre árvores.

Brazil dropped 16 positions in the global happiness ranking. Despite what happened, Brazil occupies the 32nd position in relation to 156 countries. Some particular events that have taken place have contributed a lot to increase unhappiness across the world.

The pandemic, caused by the Covid-19 virus, threw the economy into chaos and also caused many deaths in a very short space of time. Afraid and avoiding crowds, people have socially distanced themselves, and so physical and mental health is shaken.

And so, depression arrived along with despondency and only increased the number of daily worries. Despite the time they had to rethink some habits, it is difficult to return to the “normality” of before.

As the world stabilizes, new solutions appear to lift us out of emotional stagnation.

To help you be happier!

Homem pulando em um lago em um dia agradavél.

It is normal to have moments of unhappiness in our lives, but it is neither normal nor recommended to remain in this sadness.

Happiness itself is characterized by positive feelings and more healthy and sustainable. Seeking to increase your happiness is a process that must be taken very seriously, because being happy is a pillar for human development.

To be happy you need:

  1. be more positive working your mind when you wake up, reading good motivational books will be key to maintaining your mental health and increasing your creativity and productivity.
  2. look for new habits rethinking a path in your routine is a good option. Practicing outdoor sports instead of staying at home watching movies is a formidable exchange. Rethinking choices becomes an interesting habit, start questioning your routine and change to achieve results.
  3. Healthy eating having a diet rich in nutrients, vitamins, fibers is essential to have health and increase your happiness. Since certain foods collaborate a lot to stimulate the production of serotonin, a toxin responsible for stimulating happiness in the human body.
  4. be sustainable using polluting transport less often is a start to helping the environment. By using what you need without waste, you contribute to the environment, making the world a cleaner place and increasing the chances of a future where there is still life in nature.
  5. Mental health if the mind gets sick, your body gets sick too. In conjunction with a professional, practice other therapies such as: crafts, yoga, drawing. Even enjoying a hot chamomile tea becomes therapeutic and calms the nerves, doesn't it?

With these tips it is possible to increase daily happiness, prolong life and enjoy good times.

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